Slime City Explore

Difficulty: Normal

Style: Theme

Make haste! Exploration in Slime City awaits you! Help Mario make his way through Slime City by gathering important resources including: weird high jump boots, ground destroying large boots, protective helmets, keys, fire cars and pink coins! Slime City Explore is a Metroidvania style exploration course! It features careful platforming, many power-ups, 100 coins total and 3 amiibo achievements!

Notable Levels by µ мιснаеl:

About the Maker

Michael - his level design experiece started with company of heroes for the PC. It was the first game where he made maps for a level design contest. The contest was hosted by relic. In 2008 Michael started to use the program hammer and created maps for half life 2 deathmatch. He ended up winning 1st place in a mapping compition with his level dm_caverns. The level was used extensively for CyberAtheleteLeague and went on to having over 3 million frags worldwide. Michael also composed music soundtracks for indie games for the Nintendo Wii-U and Steam! He has a passion for music and plays the guitar, piano, drums and clarinet. Some of his favourite games include: Worms Armageddon, Subspace, Half Life 2, Spiral Knights, and Guild Wars 2.
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