The Yorkshire Plumber

Difficulty: Super Expert

Style: Theme

Put your platforming skills to the test and take on 6 challenges to collect the pink coins. After, enter the key door to celebrate the anniversary of the best game ever! Maybe you will also like to save Yoshi from the birthday cake.

Notable Levels by Thomas:

About the Maker

Thomas - also known as FatysHenrys, is from West Yorkshire in the North of England. He first played SMB when he was 2 years old at a friend's house. On his 3rd birthday Thomas' dad presented him with a NES and SMB3 and his life changed forever. Thomas realizes now that the birthday gift his dad bought him was actually just an excuse for his dad to play SMB3 without his mum being annoyed. 27 yrs later and Thomas has created his own full 41 level game in the SMW style and is well on his way to completing a sequel. He has won the Level Of The Week contest on reddit on 2 occasions with his levels Fall Down Foundry and Aquatic Ammunition. Thomas specialises in tough platforming and annoying people who suffer from Low Ceiling Syndrome...with low ceilings. When not gaming Thomas likes spending time with his fiancée and baby daughter. He is also an avid guitar player of 16 years and a song writer, both solo and in a band with close friends.
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