In Muris Occulta by DANtheTANK (Brazil)

Difficulty: Expert

A mysterious level that gradually reveals itself. Do you think you've seen the whole thing? Well, look again. Put on the thinking cap and dive into this ghost house full of secrets and puzzles which will grind your gears.

Notable Levels by DANtheTANK:

About the Maker:

DANtheTANK - is just a 30 years old Brazilian dude from São Paulo who works as a software developer for a living, but in his free time he likes to... well, develop things. Especially levels. Mario Maker was the only reason for him to buy a Wii U, and it was definitely worth it. But his first time as a level creator was way earlier, though. When he was just a young kid without any prospects in life playing his Phantom System with his brother, the game at that time was Lode Runner, in which they just spent hours and hours making unfair and hard ass levels one to another. Unfortunately, his brother didn't followed the career. Good old times.
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