Luigi's Inside Story by Scarlet (UK)

Difficulty: Expert

Disaster! Dr. Mario was about to spend a lovely weekend picnicking with Peach, but he's had a call that he just can't ignore. The patient in question is none other than his brother Luigi! His surgery is over the other side of town, past a dystopian nightmare cityscape riddled with muncherspawn. Once there, you must enter your sick sibling's unconscious body and stamp out the source of the sickness once and for all.

Notable Levels by Scarlet:

About the Maker:

Scarlet - is glitter glue, raspberries, blood, and fire, erasing demons, executioners, and bunnies alike with sheer thought-will. Super Mario Maker was always an outlet for expression, an experimental canvas, a game mirroring the virtuality of perception. It is through this medium that you may choose to interpret her.
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