Planet SMM388 by Seenoc (Lithuania)

Difficulty: Expert

Planet SMM388: the homeworld of the Metroids - a species that is hell-bent on galactic domination. The Galactic Federation has ordered you to seek them out and eradicate them in hopes of ensuring peace across the galaxy. In a world filled with underground labyrinths and the remnants of an ancient civilisation, you must expect the unexpected.

Notable Levels by Seenoc:

About the Maker:

Seenoc - An 18-year-old born and raised in Lithuania and currently residing in the UK, Seenoc originally bought a Wii U back in 2015 just to play Super Smash Bros. Unfortunately for more than a year, it was sitting in a closet, gathering dust as he played a lot of Pokémon on his 3DS, breeding hundreds and hundreds of Pokémon for the sole purpose of hatching one that will win him battles, while committing mass genocide on the rest via Wonder Trade. That is, until he got Mario Maker back in June 2016. Hundreds of hours spent making gimmicky levels and the Kharaenic (kah-ren-nick) series of Metroidvanias with a sprinkle of traditional levels have led him to win the New Makers' Competition, win 3rd place in LOTW and help create and playtest levels for the collaborative projects Super Discord Bros. 3 and Super Discord Bros. When he's not partaking in the creation of Marios, he enjoys playing Splatoon 2, eating snacks and generally being a lazy egg.
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