Red Hot Chili Castle by Simen (Norway)

Difficulty: Super Expert

This giant dangerous castle is filled with the color of blood, war and anger, red. Red Bullet Bill's, Spiketops, Red cannons, Red mushrooms, they are everywhere. However in order to make your way through this danger-filled castle, you must use these objects to your advantage. Jump from sinking Bullet Bill blasters, take every opportunity you get to utilize a cannonball, before the level punishes you. Red also symbolises energy, speed and strenght, which are things you need to get through this epic castle.

Notable Levels by Simen:

About the Maker:

Simen - is a 16 year old Norwegian high school student. In his freetime he likes to study politics, hang out with friends, and of course, play video games. He grew up with a Playstation 2, and until he was 8 years old he had the mindset that Nintendo was for babies. Then his mom bought him a Wii with Super Mario galaxy, and he never touched another Playstation since. He played all kinds of nintendo games; Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, you name it. He started his Mario making journey when he was only 9 years old, using the program Mario builder. He would share his levels with his brother, and made well over 1000 levels in this editor. After a few weeks of experimenting, simnil knew traditional levels was his call. The moment Super Mario maker was announced, he wanted this game, and he waited in line outside of his local gamestop to buy it on release date. Today he might be most well known for running the New Makers Competition, and his numerous 11th places in LotW. Simnil doesn't have any specific levels that made him successful, he hardly has any with more than 200 stars, but with almost 80 levels uploaded, he has a large collection of aesthetically pleaseing, semi-traditional levels.
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