Spike Blaster Bastion by Ferpy (USA)

Difficulty: Expert

On the next stop in Mario's epic 2 year anniversary adventure, he finds a strange old castle full of spike tops and coin-blasters (and a few fireball-blasters... maybe they're just faulty.) To traverse the plethora of odd machinery and OSHA violations, Mario needs to strategically use them as helpers, and not hazards. Fortunately, somebody left plenty of POW blocks lying around; maybe they could be useful too.

Notable Levels by Ferpy:

About the Maker:

Ferpy - Growing up with Sonic the Hedgehog and Rollercoaster Tycoon, Ferpy naturally took a liking to platformers and sandbox/building games, and Super Mario Maker just happens to be the combination he was waiting for. Between the busy yet procrastination-heavy life of a college student and mindlessly browsing the internet, he likes to try to make levels with half-finished concepts and then giving up after an hour. In the unlikely event that one of these levels gets finished, it's usually a speedrun or something that nobody cares about. But sometimes, when inspiration tickles in just the right place, out comes a level that's actually... good?
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