A Good Day to Dive by Iris (USA)

Difficulty: Expert

It's the powerup that was so obscenely overpowered that it never appeared again in a main-series Mario game. It wasn't bad enough that it lets you fly over half the levels, someone decided that it also needed to turn you into a flying POW. Put those cape skills to good use in a puzzle level that requires surgical applications of the dive bomb technique in order to save Yoshi and escape the ghost house. Come try the level that critics are calling "easily one of the four best puzzles involving screen-scrolling in the 2YMM project!" Stay for the kind of forced Star Trek reference and pixel art!

Notable Levels by Iris:

About the Maker:

Iris - aka DeathToSpies is a middle-aged American who revolutionized the field of puzzles where you put something in between a pair of sideways springs to allow you to fly. When he's not doing that, he's hitting the gym in a futile attempt to fight off dad bod. His ultimate goal in life is to create a level around every Schwarzenegger one-liner.
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