Cannonbone Bake by FatysHenrys (UK)

Difficulty: Super Expert

Welcome to the bone zone! Enjoy your stay, and don't get scared... or you'll miss some of those tight jumps!

Notable Levels by FatysHenrys:

About the Maker:

Thomas - also known as FatysHenrys, is from West Yorkshire in the North of England. He first played SMB when he was 2 years old at a friend's house. On his 3rd birthday Thomas' dad presented him with a NES and SMB3 and his life changed forever. Thomas realizes now that the birthday gift his dad bought him was actually just an excuse for his dad to play SMB3 without his mum being annoyed. 27 yrs later and Thomas has created his own full game in the SMW style. He has almost completed revamping the entire series to bring it up to the standard he desires. Thomas specialises in tough platforming and used to annoy people who suffer from Low Ceiling Syndrome...with low ceilings. He saw the light though and now always makes a ceiling as high as possible without tradtional levels at least When not gaming Thomas likes spending time with his fiancée and baby daughter. A second child is on the way! Is it a girl? Is it a boy? Who knows, the little brat had it's legs closed on the scan so no one could determine! He is also an avid guitar player of 17 years and a song writer, both solo and in a band with close friends. Currently trying to kick his Super Mario Maker addiction but failing.
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