Donutfall Dungeon by Stark (Italy)

Difficulty: Super Expert

Venture in a dungeon with moving platforms. An autoscroller with donuts falling everywhere and an high level of challenge. Will you make it out of there alive?

Notable Levels by Stark:

About the Maker:

Stark - When the game was first announced at E3 2014, Stark was not hyped at all and he hadn't even considered buying it, but then one morning, roughly two years ago, he woke up with a voice in his head telling him to give his money to Nintendo! His life was then ruined by his friend Wariuzzo. Wariuzzo's levels were incredibly fun and creative from day one, showing off the great potential of the game. In the beginning there weren't many legitimately good levels, and the most fun thing for Stark was to ruin other people courses by finding cheese and bugs. Thanks to this, he learned his first kaizo tricks. He then proceeded to become famous for always finding a way to finish levels with a shellmet on his head, even when ""there weren't shellmets in the level!"" like somebody said. When Stark designs a level, he always strives to create somzething new and teach players about it with his level design (without much success, if we go by his standard clear rate) Now he's here contributing to this amazing project with some of the best makers in the world. Who could have said that, that morning two years ago?!
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