Meta Mario Maker by Ruds_Labs (UK)

Difficulty: Normal

Explore everything Super Mario Maker has to offer in this intriguing self-referential stage. The level starts off where you would expect it to, the title, and proceeds to demonstrate everything this game has to offer. From the four game styles, to the good and - lets be honest - terrible level design of 100 Mario Challenge, this level includes every aspect of the game we all know and love. You are on a truly meta adventure to discover the entirety of Super Mario Maker under an entirely new, but familiar, light.

Notable Levels by Ruds_Labs:

About the Maker:

Ruds_Labs - is a youngin from England who just loves his music, which explains most of his levels. Outside of Super Mario Maker, Ruds is a Year 10 GCSE student who also finds the time to be a part of British Judo's England Squad, on top of making levels. When he isn't throwing people or last-minute revising, Ruds tries to cure his Splatoon 2 addiction, but he always finds a way to make it worse.
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