Ode to Odyssey by Bossman (Canada)

Difficulty: Normal

This musical tribute is the best way to celebrate the release of Super Mario Odyssey, well, other than actually playing the game. Join Mario as he travels to New Donk City of the Metro Kingdom, buys some costumes at the Crazy Cap, then travels to Fossil Falls of the Cascade Kingdom in search of an illusive Power Moon. Chock full of Odyssey references, this level also features Cappy's SMM debut!

Notable Levels by BossMan:

About the Maker:

BossMan - is a maker from Canada who enjoys making levels that are both fun to play and aesthetically pleasing. The succes of one of his first levels, "The Abandoned Castle", which has amassed over 1000 stars, sucked him into the Mario Maker community, and he now finds if impossible to leave. His love of music and the piano bleeds into his level design, and is responsible for many of his musical platforming stages. His knowledge of many other games and series has affected his level design styles too, with many of his ideas coming from series such as Portal, Pokemon, Zelda, and more.
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