Quick Hot Trickshot by Julian (Germany)

Difficulty: Super Expert

This level is mainly about podoboos, also called lava bubbles. Mario is trapped in a volcano and it seems like there is no way to escape. But maybe he can somehow control those podoboos which are actually not supposed to leave their path. Quite tricky but possible. Can he escape?

Notable Levels by Julian:

About the Maker:

Julian - is a 15-year-old basic guy living in the west of Germany. He likes to play soccer and table tennis in his freetime and has been a Super Mario fan since NSMBDS. From that on he loved these kind of games. When Mario Maker came out in 2015 Julian didn't even have a WiiU. But making a level at a friend's house convinced him buying one - Just for Mario Maker. He got some other games but those were pretty much ignored. And even now in 2017 Julian is still playing it a lot.
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