Sanctum Arcanum by Sypher (Netherlands)

Difficulty: Expert

Some Koopas are red, others are green
Few are friendly.. yet most of them mean
There are those gifted with the power of flight
And in exceptional cases, granted magical might
These 'Magikoopas' are sent to a mysterious tower
To better understand their arcane power
So invite yourself into their magical lair
And uncover their secrets, if you dare..

Notable Levels by Sypher:

About the Maker:

Sypher - Some say that music is his greatest source of inspiration.. and that if he could take one game into his grave, it would be Donkey Kong Country. All we know is, he’s called Sypher on these boards. Sebastian a.k.a. Sypher is a maker from the Netherlands, and a passionate Nintendo-fan ever since the day he ‘borrowed’ his brother’s NES + Mario Bros. 3. About 1001 nights later (plus a little bit more), he started making his own full series in this thing called Super Mario Maker. And so, ‘Super Mario Saga’ was born - a SMW sequel consisting of 41 stages. Sypher is also known for the storydriven Metroid series called ‘Legacy of Samus’. He is quite a perfectionist when it comes to visuals/aesthetics, pushing them to the max in each of his stages. For example, adding details to scenes that can barely - or never - be reached or seen while playing through the course. As Sypher would say: "Let your mind run free.. your only limit, is your own imagination."
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