Warwoman by Mr. Yarrow (USA)

Difficulty: Normal

What is this, some kind of weird art level? Let’s see, so there’s a girl locked out of her house, three guardian creatures… maybe there was a war? Who knows. You go to a shrine, get a key, this wiggler in a cloud follows you around which I guess is a demon or something. You go back to the beginning, bopping yr demon and killing the guardian things along the way, not sure why. No idea what happened after unlocking the door, you’re on your own there.

Notable Levels by Mr. Yarrow:

About the Maker:

Mr. Yarrow - is a retired grocery store bagger. His favorite meal of the day is breakfast, which consists of two soft-boiled eggs, a glass of milk and a slice of toasted Portuguese bread, burnt and buttered. He lives with two black Labrador Retrievers named Sheeba and Maxi. Mr. Yarrow doesn’t understand video games, and purchased his Wii U on a whim because he liked the colors on the box. His dream is to one day meet the famous Mario with the funny mustache.
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