Z-Spin Zanctuary by Lotus (USA)

Difficulty: Super Expert

Mario is going to have to use spinies to show off his major spinning skills, along with quick reflexes, if he wants to make it to that 2YMM birthday cake. There's plenty of unique challenges spread throughout the level. Remember to not stop spinning!

Notable Levels by Lotus:

About the Maker:

Lotus - is a maker from the United States. He is a long time Nintendo fanboy who never thought he would sink his life into Mario Maker. He is a fairly unknown maker hoping that 2YMM will shine some light on his level-making ability. His main strength as a maker is that he has no life and can sink a dumb amount of hours into each level.
Item Reviewed: Z-Spin Zanctuary by Lotus (USA) Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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