Jr.'s Recycling Labyrinth by Aphrodite (Japan)

Difficulty: Expert

I am Bowser Jr.!
I stole the 3YMM cake from Mario.
He'll be here to take it back from me any minute now, so I have to stop him with all the gimmicks I can!
But I am in trouble because I don't have many obstacles. What should I do?
Oh, yeah! I can reuse those again and again! I'm very clever!
...Yes!!! It's done!
Hmm? Some goombas are coming in from the back door.
It seems like I have seen them somewhere.
They are Groomba, Goombride, and Goombaby?

Notable Levels by Aphrodite:

About the Maker:

Aphrodite - likes everything fashion and interior design. Altough her strong point in Mario Maker is drawing realistic pixel art, she strives to deliver courses that combine beautiful visuals with a good story, great direction and fun gimmicks.
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