Super Mario Red Coins RPG by Ichigotan (Japan)

Difficulty: Expert

The world is split into five areas:

Watchdog Mountain, where the mighty Chain Chomp lives.
The Valley of the Dragon, where the helpful reptilian lies in wait.
The Mountain cave, with a ceiling so high only the most skilled can reach it.
Angel's Forest, where winged monsters roam around.
And finally Cheetah's Steppe, where the screen scrolls by itself.

You are free to explore this open world, while you search for the five Red Coins that will eventually lead you to the final boss.
Some blocks, somewhere in the world, will produce a screaming sound when you hit them. It is said that is where the adventurers of old once sealed an evil dragon.

Notable Levels by Ichigotan:

About the Maker:

Ichigotan - is a Japanese maker who loves anime and surprising people. Her specialty is incredible music courses that push Mario Maker to its limit.
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