Sky Bonsai by Nova (Netherlands)

Difficulty: Expert

“Sky Bonsai” is a fast paced multi-part level where you race ahead of a growing vine, clearing its path of pesky blocks and obstacles to reveal the way to the top of the stage.

Notable Levels by Nova:

About the Maker:

David - a.k.a Nova, a.k.a Novice, Is an 18-year-old freshman studying applied mathematics in the Netherland, but he’s also a man of many interests. He’s into boxing at the moment, but has also done handball, basketball, circus performing, wrestling and gymnastics. He plays piano and recently picked up guitar. Furthermore, he has some hobbies like beatboxing, rubiks cubes, Diablo, flowersticks (sometimes on fire) and juggling. His four most played games are Minecraft, Binding of Isaac, Rocket League and of course Super Mario Maker.
Item Reviewed: Sky Bonsai by Nova (Netherlands) Description: Rating: 5 Reviewed By: Lantis
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